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40 YEARS OF HIP HOP in 4 Minutes

THE HOOD INTERNET presents 40 YEARS OF HIP HOP Over 150 songs from more than 100 artists representing 40 years of hip hop all crammed...

Trayze Performs With Roland and Serato’s DJ-808 Controller, Part 2

Red Bull Thre3style U.S. Champion Trayze performs part two of his "909 Day" set with Roland and Serato's DJ-808 controller.

New show by Tha Kid Reckless

Listen every Friday Nights (Midnight) on San Diego's Hip Hop and R&B JAM'N 95.7! Listen on line or search us on the iHeartRadio...

TDT Post Gig Freestyle Session

I decided to turn on the cameras after one of our gigs this week. We usually end up doing some freestyle stuff just because...

Knox | Bedroom Sessions

Knox, a finalist in the 2016 Red Bull Thre3style Austria championship, performs an eclectic routine for DJcityTV's "Bedroom Sessions."

Crisco Kidd Block Party


First Look: Serato Sample

Mojaxx provides a quick overview of Serato Sample, a new VST plugin that enables producers to find and manipulate samples.


San Diego based, DJ J Fresh recently dug into a classic vinyl collection and broke out some classic throwbacks!  Check out this current mix...